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A holding deposit and a guarantor who is either a home owner in the UK or is in full time employment in the UK is required for every tenant. Please make sure that you are happy with the property before you pay a holding deposit, as holding deposits will not be refunded if you change your mind.

In the event that all parties enter into a Tenancy Agreement in respect of a property, the holding deposit shall be treated as part of the contractual deposit and will be placed in an approved scheme within 14 days of that agreement being signed under the Tenancy Deposit Schemes Regulations (NI) 2012. All of the above is Subject to Contract.

Please check you have entered all details correctly:

Property details

Tenant details


Guarantor details

We will send an agreement to this person. It must be signed and returned before the tenancy can commence and keys are given out. Please ensure guarantor permission has been agreed before you provide details, as this can cause a hold up of your application must be signed and returned before the tenancy can commence and keys are given out. . Please ensure guarantor permission has been agreed before you provide details, as this can cause a hold up of your application.

Repairs required prior to commencement of tenancy

Please Note:
This is your opportunity to request repairs prior to commencement of your tenancy. Requests made post the commencement and (in addition to or separate from any obligations on the Landlord / letting agency addressed by the terms of your lease) WILL NOT be considered.

Previous rental history If you have stayed in rental accommodation

Tenant employment details

We collect personal information about you in this form to assess your application for a tenancy.

We may need to collect information about you from previous landlords or letting agents, your current or previous employer and your referees as well as guarantors. By signing this application form you give us your consent to collect this information and use it for the lawful purposes of fulfilling your contractual obligations. If you do not complete this form or do not sign the consent below, then your application for a tenancy may not be considered by the owner of the relevant property, or if considered, may be rejected.

Criteria for reference

  • Landlord:
    Current or previous landlord
  • Employer:
    Current or previous employer
  • Self employed:
    Reference from Accountant
  • Character:
    Professional person - not a relative or friend - known for 3 or more years.

Reference details 1

Reference details 2

Tenant criteria

In order to be accepted as a prospective tenant you need to be able to provide Property Link with evidence as to how you will be able to pay your monthly rent. Below are the criteria which you will need to fulfil in order to be accepted as a tenant if you are either in full time employment or claiming housing benefit.

Full Time Employed Tenant

  • Photographic I.D. (Passport/driving licence)
  • Proof of monthly income such a wage slip(3 monthly pay slip if paid monthly or 4 consecutive payslips if paid weekly)
  • A guarantor who is either in full time employment or a home owner (proof of their status required)

Housing Benefit / Universal Credit Tenant

  • Photographic I.D. (Passport/driving licence)
  • Proof of housing benefit/universal credit entitlement. If you are already claiming housing benefit please provide us with proof of your current award, such as a letter from the Housing Executive confirming this or a print out of your entitlement from the Housing Executive office.
  • A guarantor who is either in full time employment or a home owner (proof of their status required)

Student Tenant

  • Photographic I.D. (Passport/driving licence)
  • Proof of student status such as course enrolment documentation or student I.D. card (not expired)
  • A guarantor who is either in full time employment or a home owner (proof of their status required)

It is essential that you provide all of the criteria listed above (depending on which type of tenancy you are taking) as soon as possible in order for us to process your application.

Guarantor criteria

In order to act as a guarantor for a tenant the guarantor will need to be either in full time employment or be a home owner and be able to offer proof that they meet either of these criteria. We can accept any of the following documents as proof that the guarantor meets the criteria required:

Full Time Employment
(included in this must be evidence of their monthly income)

  • Wage/pay slip (3 months' worth of income)

Full Time Self Employment
(included in this must be evidence of their monthly income)

  • Self-assessment tax document/letter
  • Letter/document from accountant showing income

Home owner
(This document must show the guarantor's name and address of the property they own)

  • Most recent Rates bill
  • Mortgage Statement / Letter
  • Home Building Insurance Policy/letter (We cannot accept contents insurance)
  • Property Deeds
  • Official letter from Solicitor confirming home ownership

We only require ONE of the above documents and it must be no older than 6 months in date. In addition to this we also require photographic I.D. for all guarantors such as driving licence or passport as well as proof of current address.

Please note we do not accept bank statements, credit card statements or utility bills as proof of home ownership but they can be accepted as proof of address. If the person nominated to act as guarantor is unable or unwilling to provide any of the above then they will not be able to proceed to be the guarantor.

All of the above documents MUST be in place with Property Link before we can handover keys to any prospective tenant.

Terms and conditions


Holding deposit* can be refunded only if the landlord decides not to accept your application or if you changed your mind prior to being accepted for the property you have applied for.

You will be liable for paying a re-letting fee of £350 + VAT if you decide not to move into the property after entering a verbal agreement of renting the property.

* A holding deposit is requested from the prospective tenant in order that the property is reserved and eventually taken off the market. The idea of a holding deposit is to eliminate the behaviour of those who commit to taking on a property, but for whatever reason change their mind.

Rent payment

You will be asked to pay rent pro rata from the day you move into the property. All future payments will be due on the 1st of every month. All rent is calculated over the calendar month. A £30 late fee will be applied if rent is not paid on the 1st of the month.

Rent needs to be paid from the agreed moving in date even if you have not moved into the property due to delay caused by yourself (lack of documents and other agency requirements) or if you decide to pull out after being accepted.

We are happy to accept applications from tenants in receipt of benefits however there are some key differences with Universal Credit that you need to be aware of. UC applications are made by tenants once they have been accepted for a property and their lease is signed. Rent is due on the first of each month in advance for the month ahead but UC payments are made in arrears by the Government.

The first payment UC payment can take at least 6 weeks to reach us for the first time. This will mean that the tenant is responsible for paying the rent until the first UC payments is received.

Case scenario: If you move into a property on 17th of the month you need to pay rent from 17th to the end of that month when you sign the lease. Due to payments taking 6 weeks to come through you will also be responsible for paying the next full month's rent due on the 1st of the following month. Once set up you will receive notification of payments made on your journal. As the amount of UC paid can change you will be responsible for paying the difference between your rent and your UC payment. This will also be due on the 1st of each month.

If you have any queries please make an appointment with our office and we will be happy to help you.

Payment options

  • Bank transfer
  • Standing order
  • Debit card
  • Property link website
Pay through our website

Please note we cannot accept cash payments over £100 in the office.

Please see below our bank details which can be used when completing a bank transfer or setting up a standing order.

Reference Your Name & Address

Account number 11056223

Sort code 93-80-92

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